Thursday 18 November 2010

Reasons Why Every Woman Should Own Thigh High Boots

Thigh high boots have been an up and down trend in the world
of fashion for many years. They became a popular fashion
item when Julia Roberts rocked a pair in "Pretty Woman" in
1990, but soon died down as a negative connotation became
attached to the style. Luckily, the boots are now making a
comeback as fashion trends for women have begun moving
toward sexy, powerful styles rather than those of a more
diminutive, soft and downplayed nature.

There are many reasons why a woman should invest in a lovely
pair of thigh high boots for wearing in appropriate
situations. The following are five of the most popular

Thigh high boots will do wonders for a woman's profile. The
boots conform to the foot to reveal its shape, and as they
move upward they contour to the entire shape of the leg.
This creates a smooth and sexy silhouette, no matter how the
boots are worn. Today these boots can be worn with a short
dress or skirt or even over close-fitting skinny jeans to
complete a look.

Just putting on a pair of thigh high boots can elevate a
woman's self-esteem by making her feel more confident,
dominant and alluring. These boots are excellent for a hot
date or event when a woman wants to make a splash by
appearing to be sophisticated, daring and sexy.

One word: power. Thigh high boots give off an overwhelming
impression that the wearer is in charge of the situation.
She is confident, sexy and 100 percent in charge of any
situation she is in. Simply putting on a pair of these boots
makes the wearer seem more self-assured and put together,
since it takes that kind of woman to pull them off. That
feeling of pride and power will translate into confidence in
a woman, and she will be rewarded with the respect of those
around her.

Another reason that cannot be forgotten is the "fun factor."
Yes, these boots portray an image of power, but worn with the
appropriate short, flirty skirt and top, they can also show
how the woman is a free spirit with a bit of an edge. They
can be worn on a date or to a group event to make a woman
the center of attention and star of the show. - Finally,
there is the "wow factor." What man is not completely turned
on by a smooth, sexy, fun and flirty woman who has the
confidence to wear a pair of thigh high boots? Men love the
feel and look of the boots as they hug a woman's leg and the
way the heel sounds as she walks with purpose in a hallway or
on a sidewalk. Few men will admit to not loving thigh high
boots on any woman.

Thigh high boots do not have to be trashy. When worn
correctly they can inspire a woman's spirit and leave those
around her in awe of her power and confidence.

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