Sunday 28 November 2010

Natural Beauty products, it's easier than you think.

Until the cosmetics industry is regulated properly, it is up
to us to be aware of what is contained in the products we
use on our face and body.  It is well know that deadly
chemical substances are used in beauty products all the

My daughter, she's a bit of a chemistry nerd, was soaking in
the tub recently when she decided to read the ingredients
list on one of her bath products. She was breaking down the
chemical composition of each ingredient, when she came to
one she couldn't figure out. So she Binged it on her iPhone
(yes even though she was in the tub, the iPhone was right by
her side). Anyway, according to the search engine, the
chemical that she was questioning turned out to be asbestos.
That's right, asbestos. The very product that has been banned
from use in building materials for years because it is known
to cause cancer, was lurking right there in her bath.
Unbelievable. The offending product was immediately thrown
in the trash and is now doing untold damage in our local
landfill. Hopefully Mother Nature is having her way with the
offensive product.

Be wary of what you put on your skin. You may think it's
just a little problem and not a big deal, but our bodies are
bombarded constantly with dangerous chemicals in our beauty
products, processed food, polluted air and water. Our bodies
are not equipped to deal with such vile substances and over
time they simply build up inside us. Most of the time, these
chemicals are simply unnecessary.

Because of recent consumer awareness many companies are
making products with more natural, basic, organic
ingredients.  But beware of so called natural ingredients.
Just about anything can be labeled natural, but it could be
processed so much that it is no longer good for you.  There
is no set guidelines on what is can be labeled as natural.
Keep an eye out for products labeled 100% organic.  Simple
items such as olive oil on your skin or milk in your bath
are great for you, have no chemicals and are relatively
inexpensive. Even better you can easily find them at your
local grocery store if you don't already have them in your

Many of the expensive beauty products found in department
stores are not good for you. Some of these companies have
fabulous marketing campaigns that make you believe they are
good for you when the reality is quite the opposite. Read
labels. Do a little research. Look for simple 100% organic

Be happy, be healthy and stay informed.

About the Author:

Anita Hamasaki is obsessed with finding natural alternatives
to chemically laden beauty products.  Find out more at her
website .

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