Tuesday 30 November 2010

Time To Get Real With Brands

There are so many Gucci Replica handbags being sold online
each passing day. The consumers are ignorant most of the
time and they end up paying handsome amounts for these
apparently Discount Designer Handbags. You have a right to
save your money but it is foolish to do it on the stake of
quality. Therefore try to avoid your preference of buying
lower quality handbags.

In order to distinguish between the original and a
counterfeit product, the initial step should be the
appropriate brand awareness.  You must learn about the brand
thoroughly. Try visiting your nearby boutique and cautiously
yet extensively examine all the fashion bags thoroughly. Try
to give close consideration to the details. For example;
stitching detail like color, hardware color and impressions,
zippers, texture of the canvas, the way the canvas looks and
feels, the texture of the leather and the lining.

A good example of these details would be to use the Horse
bit hobo. You can buy the black canvas with silver hardware
the other canvas bags all have light gold hardware. The
stitching over a certain period of time was the same color
as the leather and then newer seasons have distinguished
stitching. Plus their zippers almost always have a brand
name adorned on the bottom. Some of the amazing styles also
carried Branded heat stamps on the zippers while others did
not. The leather comes from actual animals and is not
handmade by humans. If you find a perfect checkered pattern
on the leather, it obviously means that the leather is
manmade and fake. When you look closely at the texture of an
authentic bag, you will be able to see where the hair
follicles are on the leather. In fact, your bag must smell
like a leather shop if it is brand new and genuine.

If you see a Branded bag that is brand new selling much
cheaper on eBay than what is the actual price of it, it is
apparently a replica. Even the boutiques do not buy them
from the factories at those prices. The boutiques normally
buy at 60% off retail prices nut they can be sold at a
discount when they are no longer in season. This is one way
to buy authentic bags with proof of genuineness at a
discounted price. If you can wait for the season change
often times you can get some sizzling hot bag at a great
sale price.

There are good sites out there that sell genuine brand at a
discount of retail prices. The key is that they have actual
photos not just stock photos. If you contact them for
additional pictures they should be able to take some actual
photos for you. If you cannot get in touch with someone
before purchasing on the site it is evidently a red signal
too. Part of the business after all is providing people with
customer service. The ability to produce a store receipt and
still having the store tags on the bag is also a good way to
ensure genuineness.

It is difficult to find strictly authentic branded bags
online but surely it is not impossible.

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