Thursday 2 December 2010

Classy Gift Ideas for Men

If you're looking to impress, these gifts are sure to grab
attention. Even the most stylish man in your life will love
one of these fashionable gifts, and likely wear it with
panache. Don't just give him something ordinary--find
something unusual.

1. Cufflinks

Every man needs cufflinks. They add elegance to any dressy
outfit, and can easily be personalised. Personalisation can
mean adding his initials, or perhaps picking out a special
and unusual material. Cufflinks come in surprising styles,
including leather and fiber optic glass. Even animal and
novelty cufflinks are available, if the man you have in mind
is a bit quirky.

2. Ring

Rings are the classic gift to engrave if you have a certain
special message to convey. Depending on the preferences of
the intended recipient, the ring can be fine or chunky, with
rounded or squared edges. A variety of metals are used for
rings, the most common being gold, silver, and platinum.
However, some men might prefer a more rugged metal such as
steel--though a harder metal might not be possible to

3. Bracelet

Bracelets are not the most common men's fashion accessory,
but they can be quite a distinctive and stylish gift.
Leather is a popular material, often with silver or gold
accents; a simple gold or silver chain is also a great way
to go. A bracelet might be a surprising gift for a man, but
it is especially perfect if you are looking for something
that he might not expect.

4. Scarves

Though the only non-jewelry item on this list, a scarf can
also be a classy present--and a functional one at the same
time. The right scarf can make an ordinary suit look quite
dashing, as well as nicely emphasize a more casual outfit.
Scarves are endlessly useful as a layering piece; they are
one of the more versatile accessories out there for men. As
a present, a scarf is one of those gifts that can be given
to most any man in your life, from your brother to your
friend to your uncle.

4. Watches

A watch is another easily engraved item, and is also a great
gift to commemorate some sort of achievement. A watch is
perfect for a graduation gift, perhaps engraved with the
year and the recipient's name; a promotion at work might
also be a good occasion. Though the wristwatch is more
modern, pocket watches are also back in style; a pocket
watch and chain can be the ideal pairing with a three piece
suit, so if the man you're thinking of has a vintage flair,
a pocket watch might be just right.

Hooray! Your Christmas shopping is halfway done!

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