Tuesday 7 December 2010

Categories of Walking Shoes

We use shoes on a day to day basis whether were walking,
running or playing sports. Your choice of shoes reflects
your personality but also affects your health and mood.
There are shoes for all occasions. You can find casual
shoes, athletic shoes, dress shoes work shoes and the list
goes on. It's important to take time each morning to select
the proper footwear for your feet and what you will be doing
during the day. There are basically 3 categories of shoes
that you may want to purchase to ensure the best walking
shoes for your feet.

High heels are not considered walking shoes. A good pair of
walking shoes should not have a heel more than an inch in
length. Walking shoes should be flexible so they bend with
your foot as you walk. The last thing you want is your feet
fighting your shoes with every step you take. Always try on
a pair of shoes before you buy them. If they feel
comfortable to you in the store than you have probably made
a good choice.

Any type of shoe that was designed specifically for
participating in physical or sporting activities is
considered an athletic shoe. These shoes have a different
style than dress shoes. Athletic footwear is typically made
from flexible material and has a dense rubber sole. Athletic
Trainers have their own advice on what type of shoes you
should get for your activities.

Casual shoes are flexible shoes made from soft leather.
These shoes are the most commonly worn shoes for work and
play and make good walking shoes. Before you buy a pair of
casual shoes, make sure they fit your personality and match
your apparel.

If you are uncomfortable buying the right pair of shoes, you
may want to visit a specialist shoe store. They will have
properly trained employees to help you get what you need.
The internet is also a great place to research and compare
prices and designs of shoes, but it is best to buy a new
brand or style in a store where you can try them on. Once
you have studied up on quality shoes you will be able to buy
the right shoes for you.

One of the most important pieces of advice that I can give
you is that it is critical to buy the right sized shoes for
your feet. Buying miss-sized shoes can lead to aching feet
that will cause many bad days for you. Sore feet aren't the
only thing you need to worry about. Wearing wrong sized
shoes can lead to knee, back and even spinal problems. Save
yourself the trouble and take the necessary time to
research, test and buy the right shoes for you and your

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