Tuesday 28 December 2010

Cuba celebrates its hairdressers

Hundreds of hairdressers participate in a hair-cutting event in Havana, aimed at honouring the creative trade.
HAVANA, CUBA - Cuba is trying to boost its private sector -- and what better way to reflect the changes, than to showcase specific professions. So this year, December 27th was declared the Day of the Hairdresser.

Accompanied by a symphony orchestra, some 300 hair-cutting professionals gathered for three hours in Havana Plaza to snip, chop and style the city's residents.
It was a day aimed at recognizing the profession's traditions and showing appreciation for the creative trade.
Many, like Melisa Fundora, say events such as this one, showcase artistic talent.

Melisa Fundora, hairdresser, saying:
"It is a profession, just like any other and it deserves a place too, equally, just like any other profession. Like music, like art. It is part of art, it has its place."
Event organiser Gilberto Valladares, said the event was long overdue.

 Event organiser, Gilberto Valladares, saying:
"There has always been a lot of tradition, in this case, with barbers and hairdressing. And it seems fair to me that we also have a day like in other professions, and that we celebrate our day."
Cutting government jobs in favour of self-employment is part of a move signalling the biggest change to Cuba's economic system in the last 20 years.

The plan has seen Cuban authorities hand over the administration of hundreds of small barbershops and beauty salons to state employees, who are now hiring their own studio space and paying taxes.

Jennifer Marostica, Reuters.

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