Tuesday 26 May 2009

The Fresh Natural Look And Beauty From Within

Strive to appear as if you did not actually put on makeup. The
common terms for this look is minimalist, nude, sheer, natural.
All of these terms mean "less is more". Looking natural is the
look of today.

The way to achieve an all-natural look is by using "invisible"
makeup products.

The lifestyles of today are casual and easy-going. It is
inappropriate to have a "made-up" look. The beauty products
available today create a fresh, natural look if used properly.

The goal is to appear as if you are wearing no makeup. Actually
you are wearing the sheerest shades and tints of beauty
products. Such a look can be achieved by using a sheer
foundation that matches the skin tone. If you apply a lighter or
darker shade of foundation than the true color of your skin you
will create an unnatural appearance.

Apply a pale shade of lipstick to give you that fresh, dewy

Below are some beauty products that will give you that fresh
natural look:

1. Non-foundation – Foundations that give you a "nude" color
will create the illusion of not wearing make-up.

2. Light-tinted moisturizers – These moisturizers hydrate your
skin. You can wear these light-tinted moisturizers under your
make-up to add to your fresh natural look.

Look for brands that protect the skin. Moisturizers can be put
under your make up and the sheer color will perfect the color of
your skin giving you a blemish-free look.

3. Lip gloss or nude lipstick – for the natural look; use a
product that will give sheen to your lips.

4. Invisible makeup products – there are eye shadows, lip
tints, light eyebrow pencils, blushes and a host of other beauty
products that will give you that fresh, just "out-of-bed" look.

By using the proper application you can have the natural,
minimalist look that will show off the real you.

The woman of today wants to be accepted for who and what she
is. By achieving a fresh natural look, you can show off the real
you to the world – a woman who is not afraid to be her self and
wants to be liked for what she is beneath the covering of
minimal make-up products.

Stay beautiful inside and out! Even though we live in a world
where companies make millions of dollars in the beauty industry,
it helps to know that you do not need to spend a lot of money on
products or artificial enhancements to really be beautiful.

When you strive for a positive attitude, a sound mind and body,
and a positive well-being you will glow from within. Here are
some tips on how you can be beautiful from the inside to the

1. Know who you are and be comfortable with yourself. If you
are comfortable with yourself, you know exactly who you are and
you have a positive outlook in life.

2. Strive for an inner confidence and embrace your uniqueness.

Beauty is a matter of perception. There are people who do not
have angelic features or a perfect profile but once you look at
them, they have an aura and air that you just cannot put a
finger on. This vitality comes from within. Focus on your good
points. Make an effort bring out the best of whom and what you

3. Pamper yourself, eat well take care of yourself. If you have
good overall health you further enhance your inner beauty.

If you decide to lose weight, do it for yourself - in order to
stay healthy. Don't succumb to the pressures of society; that
being beautiful means being paper-thin.

If you are tied to a desk from 9 to 5, spend some time out in
the sun during weekends and jog or play a physical game with
friends. This will not just give you a break from work but also
lift your sprits. Pamper your self from time to time as a reward
for all of the hard work that you do.

By following these tips, you are well on your way to being
truly beautiful - both inside and out.

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