Tuesday 26 May 2009

How To Apply Eye Shadow, Blusher, And Mascara

Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is used to alter the appearance of your eyes.
Firstly, you need to consider what colour you are going to use.
A light shade will make your eyes stand out - which is good for
making your eyes seem larger. Darker shades can make your eyes
seem smaller, and makes them stand out less. Some colours will
work better with your eye colour, skin tone, and hair colour
than others. It is worth trying out different shades and colours
to determine what works best. Eye shadow can be blended to
create new shades that might better suit you, so don't worry if
a shade you have bought doesn't seem to work that well - you can
blend it!

There are various different forms of eye shadow available,
including loose powders, pressed powders, liquids, and creams.
Powders are by far the most common type available.

Light tones should be applied to the brow bone to the end of
the brow. Medium tones should be applied from below the eyelid
crease out to the brow bone. Dark shades should be applied to
the eyelids, from the eyelash line to the crease in the eyelid.


There are several different ways to determine what colour
blusher to apply to your cheeks. You can match the blusher to
your lip colour, or by pinching your cheeks and waiting for a
few seconds, and matching it to the colour of your pinched
cheeks. Another way is to note what colour your cheeks turn
after you have been exercising. Blusher tends to come as a cream
or a powder. Creams are best for dry skin, and powders are best
for combination or oily skin.

Start by smiling to identify the apple of your cheeks. This is
the part that stands out the most when you smile. Using a full
round makeup brush will give professional looking results, far
superior to the brushes that come free with your blusher. Put
blusher onto your makeup brush and tap off any excess. Apply a
light layer of blusher to the apples of your cheeks, taking care
to blend it into your cheeks for a natural look. Apply the
blusher up your cheek bone towards your hair line.


Mascara is great for emphasising your eye lashes. As well as
adding colour to your lashes it can thicken and lengthen them

Firstly you need to choose what colour and what type of mascara
to apply. Black mascara is the most commonly used. It looks
great for all hair types, although it can look a little intense
on blondes during day time. It can look spectacular on blondes
at night though. Deep burgandy shades go well with red hair, and
shades of brown work well on some shades of blonde hair.

When applying mascara, make sure you don't have an excess on
your mascara wand. Start by applying mascara to your upper
lashes. This is done by using full strokes from their base to
their tips. Wiggle the wand to get mascara onto the roots of the
lashes, then stroke it forward and roll it at the tip to curl
them upwards for a fantastic look. For your lower lashes take
care not to smudge under the eye. You will need less mascara to
coat your lower eye lashes. Apply mascara to the lower lashes by
applying from side to side rather than up and down.

Now admire you beautiful eye lashes in the mirror!

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